How to get started?

Would you like to create your first Internet Radio Station? Here is a brief tutorial that will give you a clue about how does it work. 

Prefer watching videos to reading? Check the Video version of the Getting Started Guide:

There are two ways of broadcasting online. You can broadcast live from your computer or upload files onto the server and use AutoDJ. If you want to go for the live option, you need to install and configure live broadcasting software.

If you prefer to upload files onto the server and use AutoDJ all you need is a web browser, you do not need to install any additional software. Using the AutoDJ feature, your Radio Station can broadcast 24/7 even when your computer is turned off. 

It is also possible to combine both methods, use AutoDJ to keep your Radio Station online 24h and go live anytime you want to!

1. Your server account will be activated automatically, right after our system registers the first payment. You will receive all log-in credentials by email. Use them to access Centova Cast Control Panel of your Radio Station.

2. If you have a server package with the AutoDJ function, start by enabling the AutoDJ feature.

3. Upload your tracks and records onto the server and create playlists.

To learn more about playlists and AutoDJ, read updating playlist tutorial and uploading your files to AutoDJ tutorial.

Once you have uploaded tracks and created at least one playlist you can start the server.

4. If you have a Server Plan without the AutoDJ feature you can skip the steps 3, 4 and 5. 

To broadcast live check Live Source Connection details for your server and configure your broadcasting software:

To see how to configure your broadcasting software please check a guide for the software that you use here.

5. Share the WebPlayer link with your potential listeners or publish the Radio Player Widget on the Website of your radio station. It is also a good idea to join TuneIn - the world's largest Internet Radio directory. If you would like to make your radio station even more mobile friendly, get customized Mobile Apps that can be installed by your listeners on their mobile devices.


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