Setup account for Push Notifications {}

1. Go to site and click “Get Started Now”

2. Create an account or login with Github or Google or Facebook.

3. Confirm your account from your email and fill up your account details.

4. Create a new App. Put the name of your application and organization details, select platform (iOS or Android and click the button “Next: Configure your platform”.

5. To configure Google Android (FCM) platform, click “Retrieve from your Firebase Console”. Do not close the page.

6. Click “Get started” and login with your Google Account.

7. Click “Create a project”.

8. Enter the name of your project, accept Terms of Service and click “Continue”. 

9. Enable Google Analytics for this project and click Continue

10. Set Analytics location, accept Google Analytics terms and click the “Create project” button. 

11. Wait until the project is set up, then click “Continue”.

12. Click settings icon and choose “Project settings”

13. Go to “Cloud Messaging” and click the three dots icon for Cloud Messaging API (Legacy).

14. Choose “Manage API in Google Cloud Console”.

15. Enable Cloud Messaging and wait until it is finished. Return to the Firebase Console and refresh the page.

16. Navigate to Service accounts.

17. Select Admin SDK configuration snippet: Java and click Generate new private key. The key JSON file will be downloaded to your computer.

18. Return to OneSignal dashboard. Click “Choose File” button and upload the JSON file.

19. Click button “Save & Continue”.

20. Select target SDK: Native Android and click “Save & Continue”.

21. Save your App ID and click Done.

22. Paste the OneSignall App ID in the App Creator’s “Push Notifications” field or send through the ticket.

  • {Push Notification Account Setup} - {Setup One Singal to provide the ID for App}
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