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The website. That ubiquitous little slice of real estate that you own on the internet is what you present to the world. It is perhaps your biggest business card when a listener wants more information about you and your radio station. It is a visual presentation that plays on humanity’s biggest biological sense: sight. A good website will have a strong element of good graphic design and becomes a reflection of its owner’s taste. Comic sans, flashing multi-colored background, pop-ups every time a link gets clicked, ads that are far bigger than the content itself? Congratulations you’ve driven away more potential listeners than Godzilla had invading Tokyo.

A website is absolutely not a must-have. You can use your free & customizable WebPlayer page -you will not need any hosting and web design, you'll easily customize your page in the Player Setup. In case you still want to create your own website, make sure you check the free embed Radio Player and other widgets in your radio control panel.

A website isn’t merely a page in the vastness of the internet and should be treated as a primary part of your brand and its marketing and not just an afterthought.  It needs to speak about who and what your radio station is which is why we offer web hosting with different domains. Want a more corporate sounding radio station? .com or, want them to know you stream? .strea There are various domains available other than .com, or .stream, as part of our web hosting service the following are available:

  • .site
  • .website
  • .online
  • .net
  • .org
  • .me
  • .rocks
  • .us


Most people want the name of their radio station to be their domain as well and it is a pretty good option as it becomes very easy for your listeners to remember your website. Some might opt for a different name such as schools having a different domain than their campus radio. Either option works, so choose what works best for you the important thing is that your web player is embedded in your website. Why embed it? Simple, it keeps your audience in one spot, allowing your audience to listen to you while allowing them to get to know you more. Why not customize your site even more and add a chat functionality allowing you to interact with them while you do a live broadcast? However be warned, you need to turn up your multitasking capabilities higher than normal.  Remember as well that as more visitors access your website the more enticing it is for advertisers to use your station to reach their market.

Your website needs to have good visual elements as well. It can’t just be your WebPlayer right smack in the middle of the page. Give your visitors something to check out as well while listening such as articles, pictures, updates, events, etc. The key thing to think about is that your website isn’t just there for people to look at, rather just like the content of your radio station it is also there to capture them. Driving traffic to a website might be hard, but keeping it is always harder. Visual or good design elements are there as bait but the content is what keeps them hooked.

While we can provide you with the web hosting services you’ll need to work with a good website developer to make your vision come true and a good graphic designer to help you flesh out the design. Seriously, you do not want a website that looks like it came from the early ’90s...remember those? Yep.

Always remember that a  good name, consistent content and a good website means more potential listeners which means eventually more advertisers.

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