Broadcast Live in Web Browser {}

With the Webcaster Client, you can stream live, mix playlists, and use your microphone or mixer on any PC or Mac with no specialistic software installed and configured.

It is supported on all recent browsers and does not require installing or downloading anything.

Start by opening Webcaster Client in your Web browser:

Next, Log in to your Server Control Panel and go to the DJs tab. If you do not have any DJs created already, Add a DJ in your Radio Control Panel. In case you already have one - you can use an existing DJ account.

Open the Edit tab next to the new DJ to check the connection data. Every DJ has different details.

Do not deactivate AutoDJ. Your AutoDJ will go off air automatically as soon as you (or the DJ) connect live and be back as soon as you disconnect.

Switch the DJ into a Web Browser mode and copy the link for the stream connection

Paste the Stream Destination URL to Webcaster Client. Please leave the MP3 encoder and make sure the Sample rate does not exceed your server limit (128 kbps max or 320 kbps max)

Pre-set your playlists by uploading files or enable an audio source in the Microphone section. You can also combine both methods and mix playlists with a live mic or mixer inserts. You have 2 playlists so you can shuffle between them and prepare a 2nd playlist when one is on air.

Once you are ready to go on air live, just hit Start Streaming - you will also see on your server that a Live Dj is connected and on air.

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