2023 App $1 Promotion

2023 App $1 Promotion - Regulations of Promotion

1. Active Server Packages billed Monthly upgraded to Annual Billing Cycle (minimum amount of $149/EUR149) can obtain an Android or Apple iOS Mobile App for $1 or Android + Apple iOS Mobile App Bundle for $49.
2. Active Server Packages billed Annually or Monthly upgraded to Biennial Billing Cycle  (minimum amount of $199/EUR199) can obtain Android or Apple iOS Mobile App or Android + Apple iOS Mobile App Bundle for for $1.
3. The promotion cannot be applied when a customer has any unpaid due invoice for the Service.
4. Dedicated Private Servers and Custom Services are excluded from the promotion.
5. The promotion Lasts from April 19th, 2023 till April 31st, 2023 (11:00 PM EST).
6. Invoices for Services and Items Purchased during the Promotion cannot be paid using Credits.
7. Unpaid invoices generated to avail of the promotion will be canceled on May 7th, 2023, and the previous service billing cycle will be restored.
8. App Hosting Fees (Apple App store / Developer account) are not included.

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