2021 - 100% Cashback Black Friday Promotion

100% Cashback - Regulations of Promotion

  1. An equivalent of the amount paid for New Services, Addons, Active Service Upgrades, Active Service Billing Cycle Upgrades, and Service Pre-Payments made during the promotion will be refunded as Credits in the Customer's Client Account, referred to as 100% Cashback.
  2. Credits are not refundable in any way.
  3. Invoices paid with Credits will not be awarded with the Cashback.
  4. The Customer may not have any unpaid service renewal invoice(s) in order to take advantage of the Promotion.
  5. In case of any chargeback(s), the Credits obtained from the Promotion will be removed.
  6. The Promotion Lasts from November 22th till November 30th, 2021 (10 PM EST).
  7. To take advantage of the Promotion, the invoice(s) have to be paid by December 5th, 2021 (10 PM EST).
  8. The Operator reserves the right to end the Promotion at any time.
  9. Dedicated Private Servers and other Custom Services are excluded from the promotion unless agreed otherwise.
  10. The Credits from the Promotion will be added to your Client Account after December 7st, 2021.
  11. The Credits from the Promotion can be spent on New Services, Service Upgrades, Addons, and Service Renewal.
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