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AutoDJ is a feature that comes with our Lite+ and upwards packages as well as a feature of CentovaCast. It is by default, turned on when you subscribe with us and is a function that you as a dj may have to decide whether to use or not. This article is primarily aimed at help you decide if it is a feature worth your time.


What exactly is AutoDJ?

As the name implies it basically is an automated dj that handles the playback of the tracks that you have uploaded in Centovacast. Centovacast has a playlist feature and while it does offer track management, it really doesn’t do a good job of playing them on its own. Autodj handles that part of the server. It keeps your tracks playing and your station running. Based on how you’ve set up your playlists, it plays those back so that you are pretty much free to do other things on your end. The beauty of having AutoDJ turned on and running is that your radio station can run 24/7 without you constantly keeping track of every little thing. Secondly, as it is a web based program (stored in our servers, with the interface done over the web) it frees your computer for other tasks. It also keeps your station safe from interruptions, for as long as our servers are up, your station is too. Imagine yourself on vacation and away from home not having to worry that your radio station is down because you can’t be in front of it to keep it running.


Or the house burning because you had to keep your PC on to keep your station running. Yes, there are other programs that will let you broadcast over the internet such as WinAmp. However, programs such as these need you to keep your computer running as the source of the tracks is not on the server but rather on your  PC or laptop. The application used to run and manage those files are also located away from the server. While it is definitely possible to keep a dedicated computer running to continuously handle your files, when downtimes come it will really hurt. After all, how often do you keep a backup of all your files?


What about the downsides then?


Well, uploading your files to Centovacast can be time consuming depending on how much bandwidth your own personal internet connection has and the number of tracks that you are uploading. Server updates such as patches or general server maintenance means you will need to wait before you can do anything.  Maintaining your playlists also means that you’ll need an internet connection, logging in and working with a different interface to interact with the server. You might also find that Autodj can be limited in its functions and at a certain point you will want to crave more functionality and even more customization. It is human nature after all to want something more right?. There is no doubt that AutoDJ will be great for the novice and at best a useless feature to a seasoned dj. There is however no doubt that it at times, automation has its uses. Understand that while AutoDJ provides convenience it does have some downsides as well.


The best of both worlds?

Would it be possible then that one can have the convenience (meaning let it run and forget it for a bit) of having AutoDJ turned on while getting the customization that other programs offer?  Yes it is possible. AutoDJ shuts off automatically when it detects an external source broadcasting through the server e.g. Mixxx and turns off when the source is done. What does it mean for you? Simple, if you need to do a live broadcast of your talk show, etc, use a broadcasting software so you can customize to your heart’s content. When you need to turn in for the night, set up a playlist in AutoDJ so that you can keep your nocturnal listeners happy as well. Choose and pick the strongest feature from each option and combine them.

So how do we conclude this? If you’re starting out then go with Autodj and give it a go for awhile just to get the hang of running a station. Once you feel you are confident enough, try setting up your own software and combine it with AutoDJ. There is no right or wrong way, if it works for you, you’re happy and you’re listeners are happy then why not?

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