SHOUTcast Authhash [New SHOUTcast 2.6.0]

To appear in the Directory listings, start by going to Configuration > Settings > Server Overrides and make your server public by choosing the option Public Server: "Always". All new servers are set to Private by default.


Next, visit "Your streaming server page" as presented below


The next step is to login to the Administrator page. Log in using the following details

Username: admin (instead of your Centova Cast username)
Password: your administrator password, the same as the Centova Cast Control Panel login password

To create an Authhash for a stream, you need to click on Create Authhash

On the next page, click Create Authhash again

Log in on your SHOUTcast Account


Create an account a SHOUTcast Freemium Account if you have not done it before at


Enter all the details required to create an account



Sign in to your account and navigate to Settings


Go to Advanced and Copy your Auhash number


Go back to your SHOUTcast admin page, paste the authash and click Save


 If you would like to modify an existing authash, select the Manage Authash option: 

The last step is back to Centova Cast Panel and stop and start server, it's necessary to apply all these changes.

Your stream should be listed in SHOUTcast directory in about 10 minutes. You can easy Update Authhash anytime or set your stream back to Private.


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