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Amazon Alexa is one of the most used intelligent speakers all over the world which helps you with your daily routines and from now on it can broadcast your Radio Station! Over 100 million Alexa devices have been sold worldwide. It's certain that some of your listeners already have it so you should definitely make their lives easier and more comfortable by letting them start listening to your radio by easy voice command!

Alexa voice commands (invocation)

All you have to do to start listening to your radio station is to say easy voice command and that is all. As soon as the Alexa speaker will hear your command she will start broadcasting your station, these are the commands that you need to know:

“Alexa, enable {Your Radio Name}” - Command that will activate your skill from amazon store

“Alexa, launch {Your Radio Name}” - Command that will start broadcasting your radio station

“Alexa, ask {Your Radio Name} what is playing” - Command that will tell you name of the current track and name of the author

Set your radio name for the voice command

The invocation name is responsible for the name that you have to say to start playing your station. Simply if you want your listeners to activate your radio by saying “Alexa, play Top Hits Radio” the invocation name must be “top hits radio” this is that simple!

Requirements for invocation name

Your invocation name should be two or more words, and can contain only lower-case alphabetic characters, spaces between words, possessive apostrophes (for example, "sam's online radio”). Abbreviations should be marked as periods, for example, FM is marked as "f. m."). All numbers must be spelled out, for example: "radio twenty one".

Invocation names cannot contain any of the Alexa launch phrases such as "launch", "ask", "tell", "open", "load", "begin", and "enable". Wake words including "Alexa", "Amazon", "Echo", "Computer", or the words "skill" or "app" are not allowed.

Skill Publication and availability

Your Radio Skill will be officially published on the Amazon Store and available for Alexa Echo devices. The language selected determines the Amazon Store where it is published, the default is for US/Canada. If you select English UK, it will be put on, in case Spanish is selected, Amazon puts it on 

Languages are supported

Your Skill can be created in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, and Arabic. A Skill can be created in one language, in case you'd like to have a Skill in another language, you need another Skill with an invocation and descriptions in that language, according to the guidelines specified for a given language

Get your own Skill!

With FastCast4u you will create your own Alexa skill with no coding and developer console. Just order your Skill, fill in the form, and let us build your Amazon Alexa/Echo Skill. 

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