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Help | How to post info about what's on air on Twitter automatically (TwitterCast)

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TwitterCast is a free add-on to all server plans that we offer! Once added to your Twitter account, it will automatically post info about what's currenly on air at specified time intervals. Keep your followers informed about the music and podcasts that you play and about your live broadcasts. No need to do it manually anymore!

You can add TwitterCast to your Twitter account in a few quck and easy steps. Just follow this tutorial.

1. Log in to your Billling Panel/Client Area using your email address and the password that you have created.

2. Select Services and Addons Setup:

3. Select a server for which you would like to use TwitterCast:

Notice: You can use post info from multiple streams/servers on the same Twitter account.

3. Add the TwitterCast App to your Twitter account:

You can be asked to sign in to your Tweeter account.

4. Add the TwitterCast is linked to your Twitter account, you will be redirected to the setup page:


5. Select how often would you like TwitterCast App to post info about what's on air.

IMPORTANT: The App will not post info again until track tile, artist name or broadcast name changes. 

6. Select a post (tweet) format. You can add any hashtags (the name of your radio station etc.):

7. If you would like to reset the Title update interval to default 5 minutes, use the Reset date option:

8. Don't forget to click Save configuration to make any changes effective: