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SHOUTcast Radio directory [Authhash - the current version of SHOUTcast]Are there any additional fees when making a payment by card?Do you provide video hosting and streaming services.Do you cover royalties / music licencing fees?Do you use cookies?Can I copy any piece of content of your website?What do you use my personal data for?Do you collect my personal data?Why is my WebPlayer not working?Will I receive an SSH (secure shell) server access?What will happen to my add-ons that I got for free with higher package, after I downgrade?Will you compensate for my lost listeners when your server was not working properly?Do you make backup of my files uploaded to server?Do I need PayPal account to pay?I won't be able to broadcast for some time, do I have to cancel the service?Can I have my Credit Ballance refunded?How to connect to my radio?Is unlimited listeners really unlimited?Do you offer free radio server?I have a package with unlimited listeners, but in Centova Cast i can see only 999 slots, why?Why did you charge my card two times?Can I have my overpayments refunded? Is my personal data safe with you?Is your Customer Support available everyday? Do you provide support in Spanish? I do not want to receive marketing e-mails, can I stop them?I do not want to receive SMS messages and calls, what should I do?What is introduction file? When it is playing?What is fallback file? When it is playing?Why my introduction/fallback file is not playing?Can I change language on my Billing Account?Where I can find details to put in encoder to start streaming live?What is "Available Credit" on my billing account?What's the Billing Account?What is the expiry date of my Billing Account?How can I close my Billing Account?I gave access to my account to my partner, but he has changed password and I am not able to login. How can you help me?I made payment for my service but invoice is still showing as unpaid. Why?Why you sent me invoice if my service is still active?I don't want you to send me invoices anymore. I will close my radio at the end of current billing period. What should I do?Price on my invoice is different than price which was offered me. Why?Should I pay something to join Affiliate Program?How much will I earn in your Affiliate Program?[Affiliate Program] Will I get commision one time only?[Affiliate Program] How you will recognize that user comes from my recommendation?[Affiliate Program] How can I withdraw earned referral fees?[Affiliate Program] I've submitted an Affiliate Withdrawal Request. When I will get money?[Affiliate Program] Can you send earned referral fees to my bank account?[Affiliate Program] Can I use earned referral fees to pay for my radio server?[Affiliate Program] Can I make purchase via my own affiliate link?How much time do I have to submit details to create my app?I would like to update content in my mobile app. How can I do it? Do I need to pay for updating my app?The app is not working properly on my phone. What's wrong? Can I treat your Web Hosting as a could for storing and sharing files? What actions are prohibited when it comes to the Web Hosting?What should i do if Google Play refused to publish the app on my own Developer Account due to unauthorized use of copyrighted content?I can't see the page I built in your Web Hosting. Why? Do you refund a prorated amount of monthly/yearly server fee?Can I change the billing cycle from monthly to annual or from annual to monthly?Do I have to create a subscription to be billed monthly?I made a double payment or an overpayment, can it be refunded?I know that I will be late with payment, can I avoid service suspension?Will my subscription be cancelled automatically when I cancel the service?I made a payment but the invoice remains unpaid.I cannot pay by card. What could be wrong?What will happen if I pay late?Will you delete my files/account if I won't pay?I need a break in radio hosting, can you suspend account for some time?How long does it take to process a card payment?If I will cancel my service do I get refund for unused time?Can I broadcast any content or you censor it.What will happen if I exceed any limit on my server?What will happen if I upload video files to Centova Cast?Can I put a radio station on the website? (website radio player)Can you activate my Service before I make payment?Do I need a royalties / music licence to broadcast online?Do you assist with configuration of live broadcasting software on my PC/Mac?Do you collect card details?Do you offer Mobile Apps for my Radio Station?How can I listen to my station? How can I receive calls from my listeners? How much disc space is in unlimited package?Do you provide assistance regarding website design? I cannot pay using a card, are there other options?Can I pay in my local currency?Can I use FTP account in Centova Cast to upload private files?What happens If you are late with payment?Will a subscription be created automatically? Will you charge my card automaticaly?Why my live broadcast keeps cutting? Why my scheduled playlist doesn't start on time? Why my is my service suspended?How to set up my WebPlayer?Can I cancel my service at any time?How to set up my WebPlayer?How can I contact FastCast4u Support? Do I need to stop AutoDJ before going live? Can I stream online wihout any live broadcasting software?Is my Live Broadcasting software is compatible with the server?Can I put my radio station on Facebook? (facebook radio player)What audio quality and format do you offer?How do I resign from the service I no longer need?Can I turn off the push notifications that you send on my browser?Do you provide any Live Broadcasting software?I will be late with the payment. Can I have my service prolonged for a few days?How to upload music files to server?How to enable AutoDJ?How to set up playlist on my autoDJ?How to add my radio to TuneIn?Do you offer any live broadcasting software or only servers?How can I cancel my service? I cancelled my service, but you keep charging my card, what's the problem? I uploaded music files to AutoDJ but my server still can't start, why? Will you help me to set up my radio station?Which live broadcasting software do you recommend? What are Mount Points?I want to recommend your service to my friends, will I get a commision?When are you open?Where can I find your Terms of Services (TOS)?How to add introduction file?How to add fallback file?How can I manage e-mail accounts in the Web Hosting?How to manage the App Management Panel. How to cancel a subscription?I cannot pay through Paymentwall.Are payments from my country supported by Paymentwall?How can I obtain the OneSignal App ID for Push Notifications? How much time does the app development process take?How can I obtain AdMob Unit IDs for Advertisements in the app?Can I put Radio Player on my website?How to Update Authash SHOUTcast 2.6 [directory warning Error]Can to create a website for my radio station?Fatal error, Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /usr/local/centovacast//web/class_Services_ISON.php on line 423 (php)