Still not sure what kind of internet radio station would you like to create? There's a plenty of options...

Amateur Radio Station

Share and popularize the music that you like or broadcast your own mixes. No matter if you just want to share it with friends, your local community or gather audience from around the world, we will help you get there!

DJs, Music Club and Events

Stream live from the club or promote the place by streaming music and unique live mixes. An Internet Radio station branded with the name of a music club will help you bring more guests and let your residents

Restaurant, Bar or Cafe

No random music at your place anymore! Make sure you have music that creates the perfect atmosphere at your Cafe, Bar or a Restaurant. Easily modify the content by adding the fresh hits or track requests.

Church or Tabernacle

Religious online radio stations let worshippers tune in whenever they need and wherever they are. Broadcast sermons, religious events or gospel music. Stream live from the tabernacle or record and rebroadcast masses.

Shop, Gym or a Beauty Saloon

Having your own stream guarantees that your Customers will enjoy the time they spend at your establishment, no matter if you run a shop, a gym, a hair saloon or a beauty saloon. For stores it is also a clever way to keep the customers shopping for longer, and to play own ads and announcements.

School, College or University

Create an Online Radio Station for your school or academic community. Having your internal internet radio station is a great way to share news, promote events and integrate the community.


Select the Plan that matches your needs best! With us you will get started with an amateur station, commercial station, solution for your business or custom options for large projects.