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This Interactive Android Mobile App is fully compatible
with all SHOUTcast and Icecast Internet Radio streams.

Unique Design

We create every App individually, using your own logo, images, and color themes.

Menu Customization

Select features, social media pages and other options available in the App's menu.

Better Interaction

Keep your listeners updated by sending them Push Notifications.

Easy Updates

Update Podcasts, Pictures, News and Schedule from a user panel.

AdMob Integration

Turn your Station into a source of revenue thanks to Google AdMob Ads.

Available on Google Play

Your App will be published on the official Google Play store.


Let our experienced coders create an amazing App for your station.
Just select optional additional features, let us do coding work and publish your App.

Standard Features

Radio Player

Play any SHOUTcast or Icecast stream in MP3, AAC or AAC+ format.

Published on Google Play

We will publish your App on the official Google Play store to make if available for Android users.

Cover Art and Stream Info

Cover art, the title of a track, artist name or stream name displayed automatically.

News & Schedule

Keep your listeners updated. Add news with pictures and update the radio program schedule.


Make selected shows, music and any other audio content available on demand at any time.

Offline Mode

Listeners can download and play selected podcasts in the offline mode without using data transfer.

Background Play Mode

Let the stream play in the background when you text, browse the Internet or use other apps.

About Station Section

Share a brief description of your station and add optional Social Media buttons.

Auto Mute

Automatic radio stream pausing for calls and phone's sound notifications.

Website Button

Redirect your listeners to the website of your Internet Radio Station.

Additional Features

Push Notifications

Improve interaction with your listeners by sending them notifications through the App.
$10One Time

AdMob Advertising

Earn money on displaying ads from your own AdMob account.
$20One Time

Additional Menu Buttons

Share a brief description of your station and redirect listeners to your social media.
$5One Time

Social Media buttons

Add multiple buttons for your social media to the About Station section of the App.
$5One Time


Android App reqiures a one-time fee only. This App will be connected to your own radio server. No hosting fees, billing plans, and renewal charges.

Android App

One Time

Why FastCast4u?

Though over 10 years of providing Internet Radio Hosting we've had a pleasure to provide our Services and Support
to 37598 users from around the world. We asked them what they think about FastCast4u, and here’s what they said...

This company is amazing. There customer support is amazing and always helps. The radio servers are always up 100% of the time . I recommend them to all of my friends every single time . Perfect for up and coming radio stations :)

Rj Salazar

It's the best Company and Excellent Services, Thank you FastCast4U

Shabo Mikhael Shabo

Being with you for over 2 years with no complaints. Every problem that appeared you were always present to help me solve it. You gave me exactly what you say you offer and to whom I recommended you , they are very thankful for that. Quick start up, no interruptions, an internet radio service that you could rely on it.!!! Thank you FastCast!!!

Αντιγόνη Ναταλία

I have been using them for about 3 months now and have had no problems.

Chris Trent

My next host for House Heads Radio will be FastCast4u i hope fast cast is ready for House Heads Nation

Djice Cool

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