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Pricing | Add-ons - Mount Point


Using additional Mount Points you can create multiple streams or music channels using one
SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast v2 Radio Server. It is a great solution when you want to have streams in various bitrate or connect multiple encoders when broadcasting live.

Notice: Your broadcasting software has to support multiple Mount Points. Only one AutoDJ can be used per one server account.
If you would like to create playlists using AutoDJ for each stream individually you need a second or another server account.

+1 stream
Unlimited streams
Tip: To have more streams you need an appropriate amount of bitrate and additional Mount Points. You can upgrade your bitrate limit anytime.
Example: You want a high quality 256 kbps stream for Desktop and a low bitrate 64 kbps stream for mobile listeners. You need 320 kbps server plan.

Choose server location
and billing cycle

Server location:
Billing cycle:

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